Excellence for Hospitality


Dear students,


Welcome to Vatel Maurice. My entire team and I are honored by your choice of career path and we congratulate you on your commitment.


Today I would like to confirm the relevance of your decision to embark on a journey to success. I will give you a taste of it and explain the elements of the deal to you, which will take you down the path to Success.



1. You have chosen Vatel for its openness to the world. Vatel now has 50 campuses around the world, including 6 in the region, which depend on Vatel Mauritius. This global presence offers you the opportunity to travel from the second year of your studies for a Marco-Polo academic year or for your internships. It is your responsibility to create the opportunities to develop your knowledge of the world.



2. You chose Vatel for the success of its students. Know that they did not get to where they are by chance. They worked hard, imposed rigorous discipline on themselves, and acquired through experience (that is, time spent working in the field) the skills required by a demanding industry.


It will therefore be up to you to provide the work and the necessary effort to join the Vateliens club (thus the graduates of our institutions are called) and to succeed in your professional life.



3. You chose Vatel for its success rate and professional integration. This result and the consequence of applying our rules to which you will have to adhere. Our requirements derive from our DNA which includes non-negotiable values. They will soon be yours and will undoubtedly give you a decisive advantage in the very competitive job market.


 But whatever the reason that prompted you to join us, my entire team and I are mobilized to serve your success. Together, we will build your future as you have imagined.




From this day forward, and until you graduate, trust us and work like your life depends on it ... because it does.




Renaud AZEMA


CEO Vatel Mauritius


Master Franchisee IO-SADC-EAD


April 2021